We’re not opening this year

We have made the unfortunate decision to close the farm for the 2023 season.

A couple of issues have led to this; last summer’s drought stressed our crop in a way that left many trees susceptible to various pathogens from which it will take a while to recover.  As such large percentage of our trees are not up to our standards. Additionally, we were not able to purchase fresh cut trees from our RI Grower source.

IF you purchased a Stand Strait Christmas tree stand from us in the past, we do have a limited number of trees and we can likely sell you a tree and drill your tree for the stand. Alternatively, if you purchase a tree from another farm, we are happy to drill your tree if you want to bring it by the farm.  If one of these two scenarios applies to you, please send me an email at: eric@clarkschristmastreefarm.com         

We will not be able to accommodate drop ins, so if the above applies to you please make sure to contact us in advance.

We deeply regret this situation, however given the length of time it takes to grow a saleable tree, any setback like this can take years from which to recover. If you purchased a tree from us in the past we are thankful for your business and hope we can get it back in the future!

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The Crew at Clarks Christmas Tree Farm


Clarks Christmas Tree Farm is located one mile south of historic Tiverton Four Corners on Main Road (Rt 77). Click here for map or directions.  

Our phone number is 401.624.4119 




We have a loyal following of customers who have purchased the Stand-strait tree stand.  This involves a welded steel spike with free standing aluminum legs that sits in a large reservoir bowl.  Our tree drilling jig will core a cylinder from the bottom of the tree so when you get your tree home all you need to do is pop it on the spike for a perfectly straight and stable tree.  No screws to tighten endlessly trying to get the tree straight.  And the two-quart reservoir is one of the largest on the market so less frequent watering.  When you want to remove your tree you just lift it off the spike and carry it outside!  It’s been referred to as ‘the marriage saver’ for a good reason!

The Barn

We’re always looking for unique local gifts to carry in our Christmas Tree Shop.  Our regular items include Clarks Bee Farm honey, wreaths made from farm grown greens, local jams, RI maple syrup, ornaments, local artisanal soap, candles and more! 

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy new year!

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